We all need a little positivity in our lives right now. Social media can be full of negativity, but it can also be full of happiness. (And by “happiness,” we mean…dogs.)

Here are 10 Instagram posts that will make you smile today! 

  1. A sweet view and an even sweeter puppy. Just look at that face!

2, But what’s better than a baby playing the ukulele? (Answer: nothing.)

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Don’t worry about a thing ☀️

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3. We all need this reminder sometimes! To quote Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, the comeback is always greater than the setback.

4. YUM. If you’re looking for happiness that you can eat, this cookie dough recipe from Tiffany Napper is dee-lish.

5. Great things always appear when you’re not looking! Pro tip: make this your phone background to remind you.

6. A dog really is a human’s best friend (and workout partner). This is the type of content we need more of.

7. Oh, to be a baby dressed up as a Glossier Boy Brow bottle. Or a baby dressed up as anything.

8. This is probably the coziest video you will ever see. Also, who can resist a baby and a cute dog in one video? Time to snooze.

9. Don’t be afraid to fail! Our friends at Sarah Olivia Marketing always have good inspiration when we need a boost.

10. We’re thankful for this puppy. How can a dog curl up so tiny?! We don’t know, and we don’t care. As long as he does.

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Bagel 🥯, Croissant 🥐, or ween 🌭??

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Extra, bonus posts:

We can’t be at the beach right now, but this beautiful picture of Hawaii makes us feel a little better. We can’t go on vacation, but we can plan one!

Sound ON. Did this give anyone else chills? 

Did we miss any awesome Instagram posts? Share your favorites in the comments.

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