Four Fun Social Media Accounts To Quarantine-Follow

We’re all spending a little more time on social media these days, but to curate the best timeline, you need to diversify who you follow! Here are four accounts that will make you laugh, make you learn, and make you look.  


During this quarantine many of us have picked up a new Netflix show or two…or seven… to pass the time.

On Twitter, Netflix does a great job of supplying us with funny tweets and memes relating to their shows. If you watch a lot of their original content, it’s fun to see them referencing those shows on the timeline.

Another cool thing Netflix does is have various Twitter accounts that focus on one aspect. Netflix Film promotes the movies on the site and shares new releases, Strong Black Lead highlights content with black actors and producers, and Netflix is a Joke is a comedy account that started out as a PR campaign.

Following Netflix on Twitter is a great way to stay in the know about new content and stay up-to-date on all things pop culture.  

Liz Ryan 

Liz Ryan is MY FAVORITE! She’s a great person to follow on Linkedin or on Twitter. Liz gives great tips for the workplace and shares information that’s beneficial for job seekers.

Social media can be a wonderful tool for connecting with people, and advice from Liz can help you step up your professional knowledge. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed during the current economic climate or are job searching, Liz offers a lot of insider tips.

I’ve followed her for years, and have learned so much about interviewing, company culture, and more!

Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson 

The Rock is one of those people who, it seems like, can do anything.

He’s taken to his Instagram to share drink recipes with his very own Teremana Tequila. He also shares his fans’ creations using the drink. The Rock is also a great motivator in another way.

As a former professional wrestler and football player, The Rock knows all about working out and staying hype. He frequently answers fan questions about life, exercise and more and encourages people to get out there.

We recommend following him on Instagram to see a more personal look into his life. 


GoPro is a camera tech company that has created some insane cameras that capture amazing photos and videos. That’s why I recommend you follow them on Instagram.

They post new videos and photos captured by their audience that are bound to inspire you. My favorite is this adorable video of a puppy. (Yes, I love puppies! Who doesn’t?!)

GoPro is a brand known for adventure, travel, and thrills. In a time when we don’t have much of those, it’s awesome to see a company pivot and use their social media strategically.

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