Three Companies Overcoming Coronavirus Roadblocks Thanks To Social Media

Although some of our favorite restaurants, gyms and retail stores are just starting to reopen, some companies have been able to thrive online by transforming their social media presence and keeping their followers engaged. 

Slow business may be frustrating right now, but learning how to build your online platform can go a long way and change your brand for the better.  

Taking charge and responsibility of your business during this time is the key to success. Here are three companies that have been totally killing the game on social media — despite the pandemic. 

Orangetheory Fitness 

Gyms were among the first businesses forced to close when coronavirus initially surfaced, for obvious reasons.

However, OrangeTheory, a fitness studio with gyms all over the world, has defied the odds through taking advantage of social media and maintaining close relationships with their clients. 

Each studio location has its own Instagram account where they post  free live-at-home workout challenges, fitness tips from coaches, healthy recipes, and more.

Because of these efforts, clients feel in tune with their local studio and are eagerly waiting for their gym to reopen.


Retail stores have been hit hard by coronavirus, and clothing brands like Lululemon have faced this challenge  head-on through its successful use of strategic communications and digital media.

The retail brand has a strong social media presence across platforms — especially Instagram and Twitter — where they constantly interact with their followers. 

The brand challenged its audience on social media to come together and take part in a virtual “Global Running Day” 5K. Lululemon is also giving followers free guided meditations, yoga, and training videos.

This retail company has been able to uphold its relevance online during the pandemic despite its closed in-person stores with some creative and unique social media marketing.


The concert venue in Washington, D.C., shut down in March and canceled all in-person events through summer. Despite this, Echostage capitalized on the pandemic by enhancing their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Echostage’s communications team has been working hard to provide trendy and lighthearted content to their fans amid the pandemic. 

The venue has released quarantine themed playlists, inspirational posts, throwback pictures, games, memes, and more. The venue has also promoted virtual concerts, like the Electric Daisy Carnival’s Virtual Rave-A-Thon.

Echostage’s social media efforts have gone above and beyond in establishing a strong online presence and developing their fan base.

These three non-essential businesses have been absolutely rocking their social media during COVID-19.

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