How to Support Other Small Businesses

If you’re anything like me, you get one (or two…) Amazon orders at least once a week. Often, there’s no way to beat the convenience of having exactly what you need dropped on your doorstep within 48 hours. But whenever possible, it’s important to support other small businesses!  

While ordering from Amazon is inevitable every now and then, it’s the small businesses that keep our communities – and economy – running. It’s no surprise that COVID shutdowns were brutal for small businesses, but I’m loving being able to finally eat at local restaurants, visit local clothing stores, and frequent my fave acai bowl shop.

If you’re wondering how you can pay it forward and support other small businesses, here’s what you need to know:

Take your pick

The first step in supporting small businesses is choosing which businesses you want to support. Maybe you already have a few in mind, but if you don’t, do some research! Start local – what small businesses exist in your community? If you need some inspiration, check out this Small Biz Shopping Directory.

As you browse around, think about what each business, at its core, is all about. Who are the people behind each business, and do their values align with yours? If you were to shop at this business, where would your money be going? The choice is yours – opt to support businesses that you genuinely care about!

If you’re looking to make a difference with your purchase power, consider prioritizing black-owned businesses. The racial wealth gap is real and persistent – and was perpetuated even further by the pandemic. Supporting black-owned businesses is a great place to start in reducing this disparity.

Build it into your current lifestyle

We often turn to small businesses for our holiday shopping or when we’re looking to buy a gift. But what about everyday purchases? Our everyday spending rituals should include purchases from small businesses – whether that means opting for a local cafe over Starbucks or buying a book from your community bookstore instead of Amazon Prime.

The Shop 1 in 5 pledge is built on this premise – encouraging us to make 1 in 5 of our purchases from small businesses. So next time you’re about to click ‘submit’ on your Amazon order, keep this in mind!

Be vocal about your support

Your voice is powerful, so make it heard! One of the most impactful ways you can support a small business is by referring them to your own social network. Post about them on your social media accounts, or share their social media page with your friends and family.

We all have our own spheres of influence – and should utilize them to spread awareness and support of our favorite businesses. Bonus: it costs you $0.

Small biz to small biz, it’s our responsibility to uplift and support one another. We’re in this together!

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