Client Spotlight: Woman Warrior Yoga

We specialize in supporting non-profits looking to make an impact in their communities. They supply the mission, and we help them with the message! Here’s the thing: we love what we do, and we love who we do it with. So, we want to highlight our clients in our Client Spotlight blog series

Meet Woman Warrior Yoga, an organization that provides healing yoga and meditation workshops for women who have experienced sexual assault and abuse.

Their mission

The team at Woman Warrior, led by Founder and Executive Director (and amazing human being) Halli Faulkner, specializes in trauma-informed yoga and works to bring healing yoga to sexual assault survivors. 

Woman Warrior workshops create a gentle and powerful healing space for women who have experienced sexual trauma. These workshops are safe spaces for students to feel secure while learning yoga-based tools to support healing.

Workshop costs operate on a sliding scale, allowing Woman Warrior to bring them to all women who want to participate. The team strives to collaborate with and serve populations who most often experience sexual violence – Black, Latina, and Indigenous women – and women from marginalized communities.

The healing effect of yoga

Woman Warrior workshops offer breathing, movement, and meditation techniques that are designed to allow students’ nervous systems to find balance so that they can spend more time in rest mode. Getting bodies to rest makes room for processing experiences and finding new perspectives, including trauma. 

Each workshop is rooted in trauma-informed yoga, a practice that invites students to participate rather than forces them to do so. All of the language used is invitational so that all students have full autonomy. 

“Everything we teach is optional.  Everyone is welcome — we find strength in coming together as a diverse community of survivors.”

An added bonus to the workshops is the community. Finding support and unity within a group is so healing and Woman Warrior workshops do just that. Students are able to uplift each other and in turn feel acceptance just by being together.

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