5 Tips You Need to Create Consumable Content

All of the information we could ever ask for is right at our fingertips — right alongside all of the information that we never asked for.

With so much info constantly bombarding us, how can we ever process it all? The truth is, we can’t — and maybe that’s why we spend just as much time ex-ing OUT of content than we do actually engaging with it.

As you write blogs, social media posts, and other materials for your business or organization, it’s important to keep this in mind, and to intentionally create consumable content. 

This can be a tricky task, so we’re here to help. Here’s some guidance on how to get your content not only seen, but also actually digested by your audience. Because digitally connecting with your audience is more important now than ever.

Tell a story

It sounds simple, but storytelling is one of the best ways to capture the attention of your consumers. 

Whether it’s recounting the origin story of your company, or delving into a cause that your organization supports, storytelling allows you to appeal to the emotions of your audience – and get them listening.

Airbnb is a storytelling pro. By sharing the experiences of their guests and hosts on their website, blog, and social media accounts, Airbnb shows appreciation to the people who make up their community and makes others want to be a part of it, too.

As consumers, this allows us to gauge the quality of the company. But more than anything, this tactic gives us a sneak peek into the joy that comes with booking through Airbnb. 

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Use effective graphics

A picture paints a thousand words — that’s why graphics play a key role in keeping your content easy to consume. The graphics you opt for should be intentional and non-generic. Sites like Pexels and Unsplash have a wide variety of free and unique stock photos that you can parse through to find just the right one.

An even better option? If you have the time, try your hand at Canva to create a fully branded graphic. You don’t need to be an artist (and you definitely don’t need to spend money!) to make an engaging graphic. To help you get started, we have a beginner’s guide to creating beautiful Canva graphics available on the blog.

Give it a break

When you’re trying to create consumable content, layout matters. No one wants to read huge chunks of text. (Why do you think someone invented the TLDR option at the bottom of emails?)

White space is valuable — and so are graphics, GIFs, videos, and headlines. Using a variety of media helps to make sure your content is readable and inviting – and prevents your reader from falling asleep at the screen!

create consumable content whip communications

Headlines are everything

If you want to create consumable content, the first thing users read — a headline — has to be enticing and concise. There are lots of ways to craft a successful headline – but research shows that instructional headlines perform the best, at least on Facebook.

What the heck is an instructional headline?

Headlines with phrases like “you should,” “you need to,” and “you must.” Headlines eliciting emotion and hyperbolic headlines are also effective in generating engagement. Need some examples?

  • The 3 Fashion Tips You Need To Know for Fall
  • Steps You Should Take To Prevent the Spread of COVID
  • Five Guaranteed Ways to Sell Your Home Faster 

One of BuzzSumo’s most important findings is the importance of short headlines – 11 words or less. Don’t try to tell the story of an entire blog post in a headline. Just get the gist of it, get people excited, and get them to read the rest.

Remember, information overload is REAL. A quick and to-the-point headline is always the way to go.

create consumable content whip communications

Shake up the platforms you use

Everyone gets information in different ways – whether it’s through social media, email, or online newsletters. Offering your content on a variety of platforms is one of the best ways to increase your reach – and ensure that ALL of your consumers have access to your information.

Many times, different methods of information gathering is generational. While teenagers are Snapchatting and Tik-Toking, millenials are Tweeting and Instagramming, and Baby Boomers are Facebooking and emailing.

You can turn one blog post into content for all of those channels that we mentioned above in order to reach all of the people that we mentioned above. The key is to figure out who your audience is and to create consumable content with them in mind.

You’ve got this.

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